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Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Design, Past Projects | No Comments
Why is this still a problem?

Party People, my latest project, is now running at The Public Theatre in NYC.  The piece is by Universes and was directed and developed by Liesl Tommy.  I designed the Set and Lighting, Sven Ortel designed the Projections and Video, Meg Neville designed the Costumes, and the Sound Design and Composition was by The Broken Chord Collective.

The piece is an examination of the legacy of the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords Organization – two political movements founded in the 1960’s to combat incessant racism in America.  Sadly, those movements, and therefore this show, are as pertinent as ever.

As expected, the piece is generating a lot of media attention, and rightfully so.  It is a great piece of theatre (of course, I’m biased).  Not only that, though, it is engendering dialog about the place of theatre in America.  Here are some examples from the NY Times:

Review: ‘Party People,’ a Nostalgic Look at 1960s Radicalism 

Invoking Radicals of America’s Recent Past in a Politically Fraught Present

Watching Postelection, So Much Feels Different

Fantastic photo by David Gonzalez

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