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Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in Design, Technology | No Comments
Save Tungsten!

I’m posting this letter on behalf of Michael Hulls, who you can contact via the email below, who is spearheading a very worthy campaign to preserve Tungsten sources for use in the theatre.

Please read it and consider lending it your support:

Save Tungsten!

Dear Lighting Designers, Heads of Lighting, Production and Theatre Managers,

We’re trying to galvanise support amongst the great and the good in the lighting world who are increasingly concerned at the reduction in production of various types of Tungsten lamps, to lobby major lighting and lamp manufacturers (particularly Phillips because of their enormous global market and because they are both producing theatre lights and lamps and they are no longer investing in developing Tungsten products) to preserve Tungsten sources and their production for the future. We will also be lobbying manufacturers such as Ushio, GE and Sylvania.

This is not a campaign against any particular other sources such as LED or discharge, but merely an attempt to preserve a particularly beautiful species that seems under threat. Of course we all want more efficient and less carbon producing sources and can do a lot to reduce the current 10% of carbon emissions that stage lighting contributes to a theatre production, but to consider the gradual extinction of Tungsten sources is something that makes myself and many other theatre based LDs weep.

Perhaps you would consider lending your support to such a lobby?

We’re trying to get a draft statement written behind which such distinguished and influential luminaries as yourselves might lend your name.

All we need is an email to say you are willing to support the campaign.

If as a LD you have won awards please let us know so we can include them as we need to appear heavyweight!

Thanks so much.  I hope we can count you in.  If you can think of anyone we should approach please pass this on.  We’ve circulated this amongst UK  and US designers – but it would be great to spread the field particularly to more interested parties from overseas.

You can register your support by replying to;

You can post messages of support and join the discussion at;

Thank you.

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